I am

A Catalyst –
a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

I love the present continuous tense….

Since childhood, I like to make things happening. To keep conversations going and to keep entertaining people around me…

Every second we all are evolving. Just one thing I have always added to it, is the speed, speed to learn speed to entertain speed to motivate and speed to spread the happiness.

When I see my reflection in water, which is not steady, I see my reflection intact. No matter what size, type of crowd is there in front of me, when I have Microphone (love of my life)with me, I truly become a Catalyst of any event. I do increase the rate of crowd engagement and involvement.

As your Emcee, I am completely committed to making your event the star of the show, not me! I am multi-tasking, productive, confident and cool-under-pressure and my goal is to ensure your event is supported completely and professionally.

Tell me more about your event and I’ll let you know how I might assist you